Error Log

The primary application log is commonly known as WVLOG. Internal errors and warning messages generated by the application code are written to this log file.

Error Log Locations





HPE NonStop:

<Prognosis subvol>.wvlog

Accessing the Error Log

Application Display:Prognosis Error Log Display
HPE NonStop:Has a utility for showing extended error descriptions, called 'error' that shows individual error descriptions, once they have been identified in the WVLOG file.
Windows:The Windows Event Viewer will contain Errors in the Application log.

Common Log Examples

Log format comprises of the following:

<date> <time> <error-number> <file-name> <line-number> <process-name> <version-number> <pid> - <message>


<date>The date which the error occurred
<time>The time at which the error occurred

The error number that can be used to cross-reference the error with the internal error definition.

Some services provide a Success Service error code here, ie. S-05252057. These will be internally documented to assist support staff.

<file-name>The source file name that contains the error call, internal use only
<line-number>The line number in the source file where the call was made, internal use only
<process-name>The process that raised the error
<version-number>The Prognosis version
<pid>The process id from the operating system
<message>A friendly message to help diagnose the error

Following are some examples of WVLOG events:

Prognosis Started event

2017-03-13 10:33:25 00001030 pcnfmgrp 00306 irpromgs 11.2.0 002132 - Prognosis started successfully

Configuration Started event

2017-03-13 10:33:25 S-05252057 secmgrp 05537 IRNETRTR 11.2.0 002180 - SECURITY configuration started. \PROG-SERVER; \NT AUTHORITY.SYSTEM

FIPS mode enabled event

2017-03-13 10:33:30 00004700 pqlserve 00229 IRPQLSRV 11.2.0 010804 - FIPS initialization PQL Server Communication secured with OpenSSL FIPS 140-2 Certified Library

Process Failed event

2017-03-13 12:32:11 00001050 promgrp 05737 irpromgs 11.2.0 002132 - Process stop detected. Trying to restart. NETRTR:NETRTR

Prognosis Shutdown event

2017-03-15 21:03:32 00001031 promgrp 08474 irpromgs 11.2.0 002132 - Prognosis shutdown Emergency Shutdown, Shutdown Type: Warm
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