Prognosis Audit Log Display

The 'PrognosisAuditLog' (PAUDLOG) Record is used to gather the necessary log data and store it in the 'Trouble Shooting' database. This data can then be viewed through the Prognosis Audit Log Display in either the Web Application or Windows Client. The Prognosis Audit Log Display can be accessed from the Prognosis Status Display by selecting the Audit Log link at the top of the screen.

This Display allows the data shown to be filtered by clicking on a data parameter in either of the left three windows of the screen, i.e. by user name, status or subsystem. The right half of the screen will then show the filtered data based on the selected parameter. Clicking the Show All link at the top right of the screen will revert to the full data display.

A display of historical data can also be viewed by clicking the History link at the top right of the screen.

Security Note

If it is required to restrict read access to the Audit Log information to only the people who have access to the physical files on each server, it is possible to disable the Display feature through the EXTRACTOR Configuration by commenting out the following line with the “!” symbol, this will stop the Audit Log process from delivering data into the PrognosisAuditLog Record.

! EXTRACT LOG (FSCOL, paudext, audit/auditlog.txt, 0, 2000)

The Local Audit Log will continue to be created.

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