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Security Configuration Recovery

If access to the SECURITY Configuration is inadvertently revoked for all users, the IRCNFUTL utility can be used to modify the configuration. This utility requires logging onto the system and having write access to the configuration data sets (i.e. files in the 'Static Configs' directory on Windows, the static_configs directory on UNIX, or the WVCONF file on HPE NonStop). To replace a SECURITY Configuration, first, create a text (edit) file containing the configuration to start. This may either be a copy of an earlier good configuration or a new configuration can be created just to allow all access, such as the following example:


GRANT (*,*,*)

If this file were called SECCONF, then IRCNFUTL would be run as follows to replace the existing SECURITY Configuration with the one in the SECCONF file.

> cd <Prognosis_Home>\Server

To force loading of the new configuration, either shutdown and restart Prognosis, or just kill the IRNETRTR process (it will automatically restart and re-read the configuration).

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