Setting Home Page for Users With Multiple Roles

Each Role has a provision for a 'Home' page setting, this is a Dashboard that is displayed when a user logs on to the View systems tool or when the Home button on the toolbar is clicked. However, when a user is assigned to multiple roles, each with its own 'Home' page setting, it will be necessary to set a standard 'Home' page that will override the individual 'Home' page settings of each 'role'. The 'Combined Home Page' function is used for this purpose and allows for a standard 'Home' page to be set.

The 'Combined Home Page' function is set from the Security page of the Web Application - Administration tool.

Enter the URL of the required home page. To add a URL, open the View Systems tool, navigate to the required dashboard and then copy the URL. When copying the URL, it is recommended that the prefix 'https://<server-address>/Prognosis/Dashboard/' be omitted so that if the web server address is changed at a later stage, the home page link will continue to function (i.e. add everything after 'Dashboard/').

e.g. CMA%20-%20All%20Clusters%20Central?DefaultNode=Current&Selection=Customer

The Web Browser will add an '&_suid=<number>' field to the URL of each Display, this field can also be omitted when adding a URL.

The Test button can be used to check that the correct dashboard has been added.

After a Home Page has been added click the Update button.

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