Access Control for the Windows Client

Initial Security Setup

During installation, the initial security setup will be automatically set to 'No Security'. After the installation has been completed, this can be changed to any of the following alternative security levels:

No Security

Allow all access.

Low Security

Domain users cannot alter security settings.

Medium Security

Domain users cannot alter Configurations or start Analysts.

High Security

Domain users cannot start or stop Thresholds, Databases, etc.

Maximum Security

Only the Prognosis user that installed the product can manage it.

These options reflect the five pre-configured SECURITY Configuration files that are available in the Document Navigator of the Windows Client. Any of these security levels can be implemented by starting the appropriate Configuration document.

It is also possible to modify these configurations to suit individual requirements. For details see the SECURITY Configuration.

Windows Client Security

In the Windows Client, security can be implemented by assigning different levels of access for each function. It is important to note that this is applied to all users and not to individuals. For more comprehensive security the SECURITY Configuration will need to be used.

To enable Windows Client Security, select Application Security from the Options Menu. This will open the password box:

Enter a password then select OK, if no password has been set simply select the OK button. This will open the Application Security dialog box.

If required access to this window can be secured by password. To do this enter a user-defined password into the 'Password' field then enter it again into the 'Confirm Password' field. The password will now be set and will be required to access this window in the future.

Security Options
To adjust the security access on a function click the mouse on the adjacent Security Options column then make a selection from the drop-down list. The available options include;

None - no document access,
Run - run the document type only,
Modify - run and modify the document type,
Full Access - run, modify or delete the document type.

Ability to Stop PROGNOSIS
Check this box to give users the option to Stop Prognosis running on a node.


In all environments, the following is recommended:

  • Access policy should restrict the number of login attempts

  • Access policy should set a strong password policy

  • Limit the number of local machine Windows accounts

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