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Transfer and Execute Function

This function is used to transfer files from a Management Server that is running MS Windows, UNIX and/or Linux to one or more Prognosis Servers (any operating system). Optionally, it is also possible to choose a command or script to be executed on each server once the file has been transferred.

To carry out this function, first ensure that the required file is available on the Sender server. The default location is:


Once this has been done, the 'Transfer File and Execute' command is used to carry out the transfer to the specified Receiver servers. The 'Transfer File and Execute' command can be opened by clicking the Transfer & Execute File link on the File Transfer Display or alternatively it can be found in the following folder path of the Document Navigator of the Windows Client:

Knowledge → Common → Command Store

The Command prompt form needs to be completed with the following information:

  1. Which server or node groups is the file to be transferred to? This is a comma separated list that can contain individual server names, node group names (prefixed with #) or a combination of both. E.g. \server1, #Unix and Linux Systems\Platforms\OS Types\AIX
  2. The name of the file to be transferred and its location on the Sender server.
  3. Enter the command that is to be run on the Receiver servers. The command needs to be entered between double quotes, e.g. "irperl". If no command is required, leave the default double quotes empty, i.e. "".
  4. Nominate if the file is to be transferred is in ASCII/Text format. Enter Y (Yes) or N (No).

When this information has been completed click on the Continue button to run the command.

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