User Accounting for HPE NonStop

User Accounting is used to effectively manage the allocation and costing of system resources by automatically monitoring, storing and reporting usage statistics at the user, group or program object levels.

It provides the ability to track and apply charge-back distribution in terms of I/Os, messages and bytes transferred to and from printers, processes, tapes, terminals, nodes, disks and communication devices.

Thresholds can be set on any of the fields provided by User Accounting. They can be configured to notify operators of events such as excessive disk space usage by a user, excessive CPU or memory utilization by a program file, or undue consumption of any system resource by an application.

User Accounting offers;

  • In depth resource usage statistics
    Network-wide usage data such as resource statistics, disk space, system resource and process utilization is captured at the user, group and object level. Reporting and charge-back can be based upon any combination of these components.

  • Pre-configured Displays for network-wide monitoring by users
    User Accounting contains a large library of Displays that track usage activities such as CPU utilization by group, EMS event generation by user and program, and file space used by group or object.

  • Charge-back reporting
    Unique charge-back reports allow you to assign dollar values to resources and meet the specific cost recovery objectives of your site by illustrating how much of your budget each user or group is consuming.

  • Statistical analysis
    Any of the real-time or historical data recorded by User Accounting can be exported to ENFORM and Microsoft Excel® for further analysis. The trending capabilities of User Accounting can also be applied to help predict future resource usage patterns.

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