Transaction Management Facility

The HPE NonStop Transaction Management Facility (TMF) software provides transaction protection and database consistency in the high volume online transaction processing (OLTP) environments hosted on HPE NonStop servers.

Transaction Manager provides relevant information and alerts to a range of key TMF management issues so they may be resolved quickly and effectively, these include:

  • New transactions not being allowed to start

  • Audit trail overflows happening too often

  • Audit dumping too slow

  • File recovery too slow

  • Transactions running too long or hung.

The management of these issues is focused in two main areas:

  • Critical Event Monitoring
    Transaction Manager verifies that transactions can be executed on the system by monitoring the components of TMF, and reporting abnormal events that TMF generates. It can also provide operations detail such as history of recent operations, associated TMF events, operator cancel operations, duration of operations, detailed EMS events related to operations.

  • Performance Monitoring
    Transaction Manager monitors the TMF subsystem for the number of transactions in the system at designated intervals, as well as the number of non-active and uncommitted transactions that can lower the rate of transactions that the system can handle.

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