Single and Multi Server Displays

These displays are for use on the following platforms: WINDOWS UNIX LINUX

Some Displays are available in both single and multi-server formats. The single server format will display data only for a selected server while the multi-server format will show data for all servers in a configured Node Group.

Accessing Single Server Displays

From the Servers Display click on the required server name in the main 'Servers' window.

This will open either the Windows Server Overview Display or the UNIX Server Overview Display depending upon the node selected. From this Display, the 'Server Navigation' window on the right side contains a list of all licensed products on this server. To view a Display simply click on the required application name in this window.

Accessing Multi Server Displays

For multi node servers it is necessary for the required servers to be setup into Node Groups for each monitored application. Node Grouping is a configuration item that provides the capability to make logical groupings of multiple nodes. Many Node Groups will be set up automatically based upon the operating system or detected product licenses. In other cases, Node Groups will need to be set up manually and details for this can be seen in Node Grouping.

To access the multi server Displays go to the Servers Display and select the Applications link at the top of the screen.

Clicking on this link will open the Monitored Applications Display which includes a list at the top left showing all of the configured Application Node Groups. To view a data Display simply click on the required application name.

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