Servers Display

The Servers Display is the starting point for accessing and viewing the range of collected data.

The Servers Display contains a list of servers that have been configured for monitoring. The Display can show all servers or only servers based on a selected server type, this selection can be made through the first (Group) navigation pane of the Web Application.

The Display includes the following data:


Name of the server. Clicking on a Server name will open the corresponding Server Overview Display.

Operating System

Type of operating system being run on the server.


The version of Prognosis being run on the server.

Conn Status

The connection status will be shown as one of the following;



The node is connected and accessible.



The node is connected but the maximum number of licensed nodes has been exceeded.



The node is not connected or accessible.

Clicking on a server name will open either the Windows Server Overview Display or the UNIX Server Overview Display which provides access to the various data Displays for the selected node. See Accessing the System Displays for further details.

Three links are provided at the top of this Display that provides access to further Displays containing related information.


This link will open the Alerts Central Display. This Display provides detailed information about any alerts that have been registered on all monitored nodes.


This link will open the Monitored Applications Display. This Display includes overview data for a number of main applications and provides a list of configured multi-node Application Groups with links to the relevant Displays.

Prognosis Configuration

This link will open the Prognosis Status Display. This Display supplies further information about the hardware and operating systems on each monitored node.

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