Monitored Applications Display

The Monitored Applications Display is used to view Application Displays for multiple servers in the monitored environment. These multi server Displays are created by using Node Grouping. Most application Node Groups are pre-configured and will be populated automatically. Refer to Node Grouping for further details.

This Display is accessed by clicking on the Applications link at the top of the Servers Display.

The Application/Servers table on the left shows each configured Application Group and the number of servers that have been configured in that group. Clicking on an Application name will open the corresponding 'multi-server' Display that will provide detailed data for all nodes in the application group. For further details see the Single and Multi Server Displays

The other windows in the Monitored Applications Display provide an overview of data for;

Web Server traffic

Shows data bytes received and sent by the monitored web services.

Servlet Invokes QoS

Shows the number times that the monitored servlets were invoked and the QoS of the response times.

Exchange Traffic

Shows the size of incoming and outgoing messages on the monitored exchange servers.

Database Transactions

Shows the number of transactions per second started on the monitored databases.

Alerts By Severity

In addition, a pie chart is included showing the number of current alerts by severity is included in the bottom left corner of the display.

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