Websphere MQ Central Display

This display is available for the following platforms: LINUX UNIX WINDOWS

IBM® MQ is a messaging product that allows business applications to exchange information across different platforms by sending and receiving data as messages. It enables application programs running on one or more target systems to exchange messages either synchronously or asynchronously.

The WebSphere MQ Central Display provides access to a complete set of status and performance metrics for IBM MQ subsystems which will significantly improve availability and performance by detecting, correcting and even preventing problems.

This Display can be accessed from the Windows Server Overview Display by clicking on the WebSphere MQ link in the 'Server Navigation' window.

For further details please refer to the IBM MQ Management.

Multi-Server Display

A multi-server Display is also provided for IBM MQ monitoring. Where available, this Display can be accessed from the Monitored Applications Display by selecting the WebSphere MQ link in the Application/Servers table.

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