Prognosis Unix Report Central Display

This display is available for the following platforms: LINUX UNIX 

The Prognosis UNIX Report Central Display provides access to a range of reports for UNIX system data. These two databases are started by default: 'Trouble Shooting' and 'Capacity Planning'.

  • 'Trouble Shooting' is the daily database that collects data continuously at an interval of 5 minutes and keeps approximately 14 days of data.

  • 'Capacity Planning' is a summary database that is updated by autosumm from the 'Trouble Shooting' database and has an interval of 1 day, giving it a summary of each day’s 'Trouble Shooting' data. The UnixAnalyst must be running in order for the autosumm process to be run.

This Display can be accessed from the UNIX Server Overview Display by clicking on the Reports link in the 'Server Navigation' window.

Each standard report is provided for the Last Hour, Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, This Year and Last Year time periods. 'This Week' is defined as starting on Monday, so the reports for this week will show little data early on Monday morning. Similarly, the 'Today' report starts at midnight, so these reports may only show minimal data at 9:00am.

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