Prognosis Status on Single Server Display

The Prognosis Status on \NODE Display provides data for a single server. This Display provides details about the current environment, such as, what processes Analysts, Databases and Thresholds are running and their status.

This Display can be accessed from the Prognosis Status Display by clicking on the Node link in the 'Prognosis Nodes' window.

The six data Windows in this Display provide the following information:

Prognosis Components

This table indicates the operation of Network Router (NETRTR), Process Manager (PROMGR) and processes providing data records (SERVER). It shows the state of each as being either UP or DOWN in the State column.

CPU Utilization

A graph showing the CPU usage for each subsystem plus the overall total.

Analysts and Thresholds

This Window lists any Analysts and Thresholds that are currently running. It shows the process name (or PID if it is an unnamed process) and User Id (group number or user number) of the owner of the process.

Active Databases

This window lists any active Databases, again showing the Process name and User Id.

Active Users

Shows a list of each active connection Id (Name of process or PID) together with the name and user id of the user who started it.

Top 5 Requests

This window shows a list of all data views that are currently being requested.

A number of links are provided at the top of this Display that provides access to further Displays containing related information.

Total Traffic

This figure indicates the total size of all requests for all refresh intervals. Clicking on this link will open the PROGNOSIS Traffic Summary Display which can be used to monitor the data views being requested within the selected node. 


This shows the latest patch that has been installed on this machine. Clicking on the patch number will open the PROGNOSIS Patches Installed Display which provides details about the patch files that have been installed on the selected node and on each node in the monitored environment.


This shows the Prognosis license expiry date for this server. When this link is clicked, it will open the PROGNOSIS Licences Display which provides a list showing details of the licenses that have been purchased and installed on the environment. The Display shows details including the license expiry date, the number of days left until the license expires and a list of node names that this license covers. The Display also shows node/device information such as the maximum number of nodes and CPUs that have been licensed and a list of all the products that are included in the license.


This link opens the Availability Central Display. which provides status on all monitored Availability Entities.


This Link will open the Prognosis Connections Display which provides information about the server network connections.

Error Log

This link will open the Prognosis Error Log Display. This Display shows the details of each item that has been written to the Error Log File (WVLOG). It also includes the Generate an IRFAX link that is used to produce a system diagnostic document. This document is often be required by IR Technical Support when seeking assistance.


AutoSummarization is a tool that is used to automatically summarize database collections. Full details of this tool can be found in Database AutoSummarization. Clicking on this link will open the AutoSummarization Overview Display which provides a list of all jobs that are currently scheduled to be run and also provides access to create new jobs.


This link will open the Prognosis File Transfer Performance display to provide performance information on the NetRouter process.

Audit Log

This link will open the Prognosis Audit Log display which provides a complete Audit trail for the server.


This link will open the MiddleWare display which will show the status of various middleware components used, such as PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ and Recent Alerts.

High Availability

This link will open the Prognosis High Availability display which shows the Nodes configured in any High Available Pairs and provides the current HA Status of each node.


This link opens the BigDataInsight Overview Display which will show the status of the Advanced Reporting/Business Insight system configured on the selected server.


This link will open the Alert Suppression display which will show the status of the Mapping service and Suppressed Alerts. 

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