Prognosis Status Display

This display is available for the following platforms: LINUX NONSTOP UNIX WINDOWS

The Prognosis Status Display is used to view a variety of system information for a set of monitored servers.

This Display is the default Home page of the Views Systems application. The default Home page can be configured by the System Administrator and may vary depending on the users' role.

Filtering Servers

The Prognosis Status Display has a set of filters that can be applied to limit the server list to the following sets:

  • By Customer
  • By Site
  • By Operating System

This selection is available using the Group navigation pane in the Web Application - View Systems tool and expanding the 'Prognosis Status' item. Then select one of the desired filters from the 'Customers', 'Sites' or 'Nodes' sections.

Display Data

The windows located on the left of this Display show the number of nodes categorized by version, by hardware type and by operating system type. Clicking on a number in any of these windows will refresh the Display so that the main window will only show details for the servers of the selected category. The category currently selected will be shown with a yellow highlight. To return to the default setting click on the All Prognosis Systems link.

The main window area shows data based upon the category selected in the windows on the left hand side. This can be the default 'All Prognosis Systems' data which includes a summary of connection status, version number, hardware type and operating system for each monitored server, or by selecting one of the other categories data specific to the category selected will be shown.

The window at the bottom of the display shows a list of all data views that are currently being requested.


When this link is clicked it will open the Prognosis Licences Display which provides a list showing details of the Prognosis licenses for each monitored node.


This will open the Prognosis Patches Installed Display.  This display provides details of the patches that have been installed on each monitored machine.


This will open the Availability Across All Nodes Display. This display provides an overall summary of monitored Availability entities for all Nodes matching the current filter.

By Site

This window contains filter options to select from the known sites available in the system.

By Customer

This window contains filters options to select from the known customers available in the system.


Prognosis Nodes Window

NodeClicking on a node name will open the Prognosis Status on Single Server Display.for that particular node

Prognosis Availability Window

NodeClicking on a node name will open the Prognosis Status on Single Server Display.for that particular node
NameClicking on an entity name will open the Availability Details display for that particular monitored entity

Recent Alerts (Top 50)

ProblemClicking on the Problem number will open the Problem Details Display for the particular problem
StatusClicking on the Problem Status will open the Alerts with <OPEN> Status Display matching the particular status

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