Dispatch Overview Display

This display is available for the following platforms: LINUX UNIX WINDOWS

The Dispatch Overview Display is used in conjunction with Dispatch Manager to show all messages that are being generated by the current Dispatch Manager Configuration.

This Display can be accessed from the Windows Server Overview Display or the UNIX Server Overview Display by clicking on the Dispatch link in the 'Server Navigation' window.

This Display uses the PrognosisDispatchManagerMessageQueue (DISPMSG) Record to show information for each Dispatch Manager message sent. There will be one record for each time that a Threshold or Analyst Rule issues a message through Dispatch Manager.

The following links are provided along the top line of this Display.

Commands In

Opens the Dispatch Commands In Display that provides a list of all incoming commands issued by the Dispatch Manager function.

Commands Out

Opens the Dispatch Commands Out Display that provides a list of all outgoing commands issued by the Dispatch Manager function.

Automation Central

Opens the Automation Central - All Nodes Display that provides a list of all configured Analyst Rules and Threshold Conditions plus a list of any rules or conditions that are currently open or waiting for an acknowledgement.

The following links can be used to filter the display to show only the type of data selected. The currently selected link will be shown with a blue background.

  • Messages: Being Dispatched

  • Messages: Awaiting Acknowledgement

  • Messages: Recently Dispatched

  • Messages: Failed

  • Messages: Acknowledged

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