Problem Details Display

When drilling-down on a problem number in either of the Alerts Central Displays, the Details of a Problem Display is opened providing a view of all the details specific to a given problem.

This includes information such as:

  • the severity of the problem,
  • the status of the problem,
  • when the problem was open,
  • when the problem was closed,
  • if the problem required acknowledgment when the problem was acknowledged and by whom from which node,
  • the Analyst name and rule name,
  • the on and off event numbers,
  • any action required by the operator.
  • whether the alert has been suppressed.

From this Display, an operator can also acknowledge any problems requiring acknowledgment and approve of any commands that are awaiting approval. Executed commands will yield a status, indicating whether it was done successfully or not, as well as a link in the 'Output' column if any command output information is available.

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