System Monitoring

Infrastructure comes with a set of collectors and a wide selection of Records that are used to gather performance data from a monitored network. The data collected in these Records is determined by a set of functions that are supplied. These functions include items such as; Analysts, Commands, Configurations, Databases, Displays and Thresholds.

Once the principles of using these functions are established, it is possible to set them up to gather whatever data is required for a specific situation. Infrastructure provides a selection of pre-packaged functions which are known as 'Knowledge Tools'. These 'Knowledge Tools' permit a range of system monitoring to be started immediately after installation with little or no configuration. The variety of 'Knowledge Tools' included can often mean that customized functions may not always be required.

Data collected is presented for viewing through Display documents. A large number of pre-packaged Displays are provided and this section describes some of the higher-level Displays that are included.

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