Database AutoSummarization

This feature is for the following platforms: LINUX UNIX WINDOWS

Enterprise Server Management includes powerful database recording and summarization features. For example, it is possible to create a Database Summary document to summarize a month’s worth of 5-minute data into 4 hourly data that can be kept for a year for capacity planning purposes, refer to Database Summaries for details.

Manually running database summaries can be a problem when there are many to run or when they need to be run on a regular schedule. AutoSummarization is a facility where database summaries can be scheduled to run at times and days of the week/month/year as required. It can be used for any Database Summary that has previously been defined, even to summarize data from one server to another.

AutoSummarization is a generic tool and is also used to run the nightly database summarization from the Trouble Shooting database to the Capacity Planning database, refer to Capacity Planning Operation.

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