Web Application Reports for Availability Monitoring

Displays show 'real-time' data while Reports show historical data.

Availability Monitoring automatically generates reports to show component and application availability. These allow for the identification of the most and least reliable components, mean time between component failures, the number of times a component has gone down, application availability over any period, the impact cause of any application degradation or component outage and the mean time between application failure and root cause. The initial report Display is Availability Reports Central.

Availability Reports

Open the Reports Central dashboard by clicking the Reports link on the toolbar. From here there are a few options for Availability Reporting.

HPE NonStop

There are three pre-package reports available, these are found in the 'HPE NonStop Servers' group in the left-hand navigation panel:

  • Availability,
  • Availability by Type, and
  • Availability by ID

The Availability report (shown above) shows a list of the entities that are currently being monitored for availability. It shows related data including status, percentage up and down figures for the last hour and the previous day, and the date and time of the last status change.

The other two reports provide details on a per entity Type or ID, selected from the reports controls. 


Windows provides two reports, that can be found in the 'Windows Servers' group, these are:

  • Availability by Type, and
  • Availability by ID

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