Monitoring Operator Response Times Availability

This feature is for NONSTOP only

One other aspect of Availability Reporting is the monitoring of operator response times.

HPE NonStop devices and applications can log various action events to EMS. Availability Monitoring uses the NonStopEventEms (EVENT) record to monitor EMS and the ActionResponseTimeSeconds (ACTIONRE) field will record the time taken between an 'action-needed' event message and an 'action-response' event message. This calculated response time can be displayed, stored in a database or reported on, as required.

For example, HPE NonStop labeled tape support servers send 'action-needed' events to EMS for tape mounts. When this occurs, the operator is required to mount the tape and perform a MEDIACOM ACCEPT TAPEMOUNT command, which then logs an 'action-response' event. The ActionResponseTimeSeconds (ACTIONRE) field measures the time that the operator took from the 'action-needed' event to the 'action-response' event.

For other problems or events that are not logged to EMS, Thresholds can be used. These can be set up to send 'on' and 'off' events to EMS by selecting the Message Destination of 'Event log' in the Threshold properties dialog box. The ActionResponseTimeSeconds (ACTIONRE) field will then measure these response times
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