Monitoring Availability Data for Linux, UNIX and Windows

A number of pre-packaged Displays that show collected Availability data. The Availability Central Display can be accessed from the Windows Server Overview Display or the UNIX Server Overview Display by clicking on the Availability link in the Server Navigation window.

Availability data is provided on this Display through the following windows;


The Summary window provides a list of each type of entity currently being monitored, these can include; applications, processes, TCP/IP hosts, disks etc. The CNT column shows the number of monitored entities that are in an UP state against the overall total number of monitored entities. Clicking the >> link will re-display the screen showing data specific to the entity type selected.

List of Summary Entities

This table provides a list showing the status, name and type of all monitored entities. In addition, the Duration column shows how long an entity has been in a 'Down' state and the 'Last Fail' column shows the time when an entity last went down (failed). Clicking on an entity name will open the Availability Details for Entity Display which provides detailed availability information for the selected entity.

Summary Entities Graph

The adjoining column graph shows the number of entities that are in a 'Down', 'Up' or 'Unknown' state.

The links provided on the second row will open the Availability Reports Central Display (Reports link) or go directly to the Availability Report for the specified period (using This Week, Last Week ... etc links). These reports will show historical availability data over a selection of time periods.

To configure the entities to monitor, the AVAILABILITY Configuration needs to be modified. For details see the Configuration for Availability Monitoring
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