Monitored Availability Entities

Availability Monitoring provides real-time availability monitoring for the range of system entities, including:

  • Processes running on the system.
  • Disk drives and SMF volumes.
  • Communication links between systems.
  • Specific ports (listening and/or connected).
  • User defined performance criteria based on any collected data metric.
  • Applications - entities composed of other applications or any combination of the above components.
All HPE NonStop devices including disk volumes are monitored automatically and do not require any configuration settings.

The following tables show which 'Entities' are available for monitoring and which Configurations are used to monitor which particular entities.

EntityConfigurationAvailable OnMonitors availability status for...
APPLICATIONAPPLICATION Configuration SyntaxAll PlatformsComponents that make up an application. See Application Grouping.
DISKDISK Configuration SyntaxAll PlatformsDisk drive access.
EMAILEMAIL Configuration SyntaxAll PlatformsSpecific email accounts.
EXTERNALEXTERNAL Configuration SyntaxLinux, UNIX, WindowsExternal entities are not added explicitly in the AVAILABILITY configuration, they are typically configured elsewhere and passed through to the availability collector.
PORTPORT Configuration SyntaxLinux, UNIX, Windows'Listening' and 'connected' states of TCP and UDP ports.
PROCEXECPROCEXE Configuration SyntaxLinux, UNIX, WindowsExecutables or processes running on Windows and UNIX systems.
SERVICESERVICE Configuration SyntaxWindowsWindows services.
TCPIPTCPIP Configuration SyntaxAll PlatformsTCP/IP communication links between two systems.
THRESHOLDTHRESHOLD Configuration SyntaxAll PlatformsUser-defined entities by applying Threshold Conditions containing performance criteria. See Using Thresholds for Availability Monitoring.
URLURL Configuration SyntaxLinux, UNIX, WindowsSpecific Web sites or Web components. Please note that HTTPS is not supported with this functionality, the Web Applications is required for HTTPS monitoring.
OBJECTUPDOWN Configuration SyntaxHPE NonStopProcesses running from an object line in the Guardian system.
OSSOBJETCUPDOWN Configuration SyntaxHPE NonStopProcesses running from an object file in the OSS file system.
PROCESSUPDOWN Configuration SyntaxHPE NonStopNamed processes running on a HPE NonStop system.
The monitoring of these entities is enabled by adding the appropriate 'Entity' statements to the AVAILABILITY Configuration and the UPDOWN Configuration.

Once the Configurations have been set up, the Availability Monitoring instantly identifies when any one of these components stop, start or otherwise change state. Using the Availability Monitors response time information for server entities Thresholds can be defined to issue alerts on response time data between monitored servers or use Displays to monitor and chart response times. In addition, by using the Atlas functionality visual and audio alerts can be created to warn of potential problems or slow response times.

In addition to real-time reporting, the Availability Manager automatically captures detailed availability statistics and can generate service level reports. By combining this functionality with Database Collection and reporting capabilities, comprehensive Service Level Agreement reports can be generated for Management or the information can be used to strengthen cases with software or hardware vendors concerning the availability of their products.

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