Configuration for Availability Monitoring

Linux, UNIX and Windows

Availability Reporting is enabled by adding the required 'Entity' statements to the following Configuration:

HPE NonStop

Availability Reporting is enabled by adding the required 'Entity' statements to either of the following Configurations:

In addition, the following Configuration files may have some influence on the monitoring of particular entities.

PROGNOSIS Configuration

The PROGNOSIS Configuration is used to set up how far back Availability Reporting will look into the EMS Log in order to determine up/down information on startup.

For Example:


EVENTS (100)
EMS-LOG ($0)

Refer to PROGNOSIS Configuration Syntax for details.

EVENT Configuration

Processing EMS event messages to populate Records can be expensive when there are a large number of messages to be processed. The EMS subsystem provides Event Message Filters as an efficient means of filtering event messages. The ability to filter EMS event messages is enabled by using the EVENT Configuration. Each event source (Collector) may have up to 10 filters configured with the exception of $0, which may have up to 9 filters.

Once active, the EVENT Configuration will supersede any EMS-BACK, EMS-LOG and EVENTS items in the PROGNOSIS Configuration.

For Example:


COLLECTOR ($ZLOG,$data.filtvol.ftable1)
EVENTS (100)

Refer to EVENT Configuration Syntax for details.

DISC Configuration

The DISC Configuration is used to specify individual files to be monitored by Availability Monitoring.

For Example:


MONITOR ($*.LMSG04.*, $*.LMSG05.*, $*.LMSG06.*, $*.LMSG07.*)

Refer to DISK Configuration Syntax for details.

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