Prognosis High Availability Display

This Display can be accessed from the High Availability link in the 'Platform Navigation' window.

This will open the 'Prognosis High Availability' display...

Display Data

This will list all the servers that are managed by the Management Server.

Pair ID

This is the ID given to the pair when linking the HA Pair servers.

Node Name

This is the name of the server.

HA is Enabled

Shows if High Availability has been activated for the server.


This shows the current role server in the HA Pair, either Primary or Secondary.


This shows the current mode of the server in the HA Pair, either Active or Passive.

HA Paused

This shows if the HA Pair is currently in the Paused state.

Drill Downs

Node Name

This will open the Prognosis High Availability - Detailed Display to see further information about that HA Pair's state from the point of view of that server.

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