High Availability Pair Display

This Display can be accessed from the High Availability link in the 'Platform Navigation' window. This will show all the High Availability Pairs configured on this Management Server in the 'Server navigation' panel. 

Click on the HA Pair name from the list, to open the 'High Availability Pair' Display.

Display Data

This display gives a side-by-side comparison of the high level status, utilization and performance of the servers in the HA Pair.

The two comparison Columns, 'Primary node' and 'Secondary node' provide the following information:

StateActive or Passive
StatusConnected or not
AvailabilityList of Availability entities being monitored that are Up and running
CPU UtilizationGraph of the CPU utilization over the last 5 minutes, with drilldowns to the busiest processes
Disk UsageGraph of the Disk Busy over the last 5 minutes
MemoryGraph of the memory usage over the last 5 minutes
Alerts by SeverityGraph showing the total number of Alerts grouped by Severity, with Drilldowns to Alert Details display

There are links to the Prognosis Status on Single Server Display for each of the servers in the HA Pair

There is also a link to the HA Availability Display which provides additional detail on the monitored Availability Entities on each server in the HA Pair.

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