Usage Analytics

Usage Analytics is a tool that automatically provides feedback to IR. The use of this tool is optional and is normally accepted or declined during the installation. This feature provides high-level information to IR on which aspects of the user interface are being used.  This allows IR to improve its products and services based on customer's usage.

The privacy and security of customer information are of utmost importance to IR and as such we remove or obfuscate data that could be considered proprietary or identifiable. This section details our approach to the privacy and security employed with the Usage Analytics feature.

It is our purpose to provide the information to answer any questions that may arise regarding Usage Analytics. IR takes privacy and security seriously and collects this information only to improve our products and services. If there are any concerns regarding any of the information here please contact IR Support.

Points to note regarding Usage Analytics:

  • Information is collected on what pages are viewed in the Web Application, similar to using a website on the internet. Any URL variables are removed so that no more information is collected than necessary.

  • The collected information will be used to improve the user experience by providing a better understanding of how the product is being used.

  • Individual users are not identified. However, customer names are collected from the license file.

  • Currently, there are no Displays/dashboards available within the product for users to view their own usage information.

  • Usage Analytics is obtained from web browsers by using secure HTTPS communications on port 443. It will communicate with two URLs, these being: (inbound - used to download javascript) (outbound - to send data to IR)

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