Prior to version 10.2, the communication link between servers was not encrypted and backward connectivity was available for at least the previous three versions. With versions 10.2 through to 10.5 an optional setting was included that enabled encrypted communication between servers. With this feature, options were available that allowed connectivity to earlier non-encrypted server versions.

However, effective with version 11.0, all communication links between servers became encrypted, without an option to disable the feature. Therefore, connectivity from version 11.0 or later servers is only available to earlier versions 10.2 to 10.5 servers that have the encryption option enabled.

A Management Server must always be the same or a more recent version than its associated Monitoring Servers. The illustration below shows a valid managing scenario where the 10.5, 10.4, 10.3 & 10.2 servers all have the encrypted communication option enabled. Please note that minor versions 10.5.1 and 10.4.1 are equally suitable to be managed by a version 11.0 or higher server.

With version 11.0 or higher, if an earlier version server does not have encrypted communication enabled, then that server will not work with Management Server version 11.0 or later.

As the option to encrypt communications was introduced in version 10.2, any prior version will not operate with version 11.0 or higher Management Server, as illustrated below.

FIPS Compliance

The changes introduced with version 11.0 also provided an option to enable a further level of enhanced encryption on MS Windows Prognosis Servers. This option allows Prognosis to comply with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS 140-2).

Versions prior to 11.0 do not have the option to be FIPS compliant. Therefore, to be FIPS compliant, all Prognosis Monitoring and Management MS Windows servers must be on version 11.0 or higher.

For further details see the Data Encryption Between Servers.

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