Deploying for Collaborate Monitoring

This section includes a number of scenarios that illustrate suggested ways that Collaborate may be deployed based upon various UC environments. These environments may include one or more vendor types and/or device groups, e.g. Avaya PBXs, Cisco Clusters or Cisco Express devices.

Collaborate monitoring is only available on MS Windows platforms.


For a Collaborate deployment, it is recommended that the various components be installed as follows:

The following two components should only be installed on a dedicated server, i.e. no other applications should be installed.

Monitoring Server

This is used to monitor one or more PBXs/Clusters by connecting to and polling their external APIs over the UC network. This component is mandatory for data monitoring.

Management Server

This is used to aggregate and consolidate data from multiple Monitoring Servers (installed on separate machines) and MS Windows Servers.

Management and Monitoring Server Differences

The only difference between the Management and Monitoring Server components on an MS Windows installation is that the Monitoring Server includes the 'Prognosis SFTP service' when licensed for Collaborate. The SFTP service is normally only required for the collection of CDR data in UC deployments. In a non-UC deployment, or where the SFTP service is not required or may cause conflict, it is acceptable to install the Management Server component in place of the Monitoring Server.

The remaining components do not require a dedicated machine and may be installed on any machine running the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Windows Client

The Windows Client is used to view real-time and historical data from the UC environment. It is also used to configure monitoring systems. The Windows Client may be installed on the same machine as other components or on a separate machine. At least one copy of the Windows Client must be installed somewhere in the monitoring environment.

Web Application

The Web Application component is used to provide access to performance data via a web browser over the Internet or an Intranet. It can only be installed with a Management or Monitoring Server component on an MS Windows machine that has IIS installed.

System Requirements

For details see the following sections:

Deployment Scenarios

Ensure that these deployment scenarios are reviewed in order to gain a basic understanding of how Collaborate is setup to monitor various vendor systems. These scenarios cover simple installations to monitor single vendor environments to more complex installations for multi-device group, multi-vendor environments.

Deployment Considerations

In an environment containing one or more device groups, bandwidth usage on the WAN link between the Network Operations Center and a remote group may be a concern. To minimize bandwidth usage on the WAN it is recommended to position a Monitoring Server close to (i.e. in the same LAN as) the device group being monitored.  The result of configuring the deployment in this manner is that the higher bandwidth traffic between the Monitoring Server and the device group will be restricted to the LAN, while the metrics collected by the Monitoring Server will be passed from the Monitoring Server to the central Management Server as low bandwidth, compressed binary data traffic, thus conserving bandwidth usage on the WAN link.

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