Upgrade to the Latest Version of PostgreSQL

The installation will include the latest version of PostgreSQL that was available at the time of product development. However, later versions of PostgreSQL may have been released after this time and it is recommended that the latest version of PostgreSQL be used in your environment as it will include the latest security fixes and updates. In order to set up the latest version of PostgreSQL, use the following steps.

Download the latest PostgreSQL binaries from: https://www.enterprisedb.com/download-postgresql-binaries.

Select Windows x86-64.

Extract the downloaded file to a temporary folder.

Stop the 'PrognosisPostgres' service.

Copy the 'bin', 'lib' and 'share' subfolders from the temporary folder and replace the corresponding ones in the following folder path:


Restart the 'PrognosisPostgres' service.

Verify that Prognosis and PostgreSQL are communicating by checking that there are no WVLOG errors and that a successful log on to the Web Application can be made.

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