PostgreSQL Database

PostgreSQL, or simply Postgres, is an open-source object-relational database system developed by the PostgreSQL Global Development Group. By default, the installation includes a PostgreSQL database which is used in several areas, including:

  • Role Based Security

  • Alerts/CI Mapping

  • Microsoft Skype for Business monitoring

  • Persistent and Background Views
  • Call Recording Assurance data

The Prognosis Server uses a local 'non-High Availability' (non-HA) connection to the PostgreSQL database instance on the local server. That is, the non-HA connection makes no provision for a 'standby' or backup database server. However, if required, a 'High Availability' (HA) connection can be set up between two Management or Monitoring Servers, where one server acts as the 'primary' database server and the second acts as the 'secondary' database server. For details on how to setup HA, see the High Availability.

The PostgreSQL usage is only available on MS Windows servers, it is not deployed on any UNIX/Linux or HP Non-Stop servers.

The initial installation will automatically set up everything that is needed for a non-HA environment. This will include the installation of a PostgreSQL database and a default connection to it.

To ensure that PostgresSQL and Prognosis Server are setup correctly, refer to the pages in this section:

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