Deployment and Installation

Before commencing to install the product it is strongly recommended that the contents of this guide be carefully studied and understood. Detailed information for the deployment and installation is contained in this guide.

To carry out the installation we recommend that the following steps be taken:

Check the various information notices and ensure that any requirements are met.

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General Information

Become familiar with the various Prognosis components.

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Prognosis Components

Check the supported platforms and work out an appropriate deployment plan for the installation in your environment.

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Deploying for Infrastructure Monitoring

Deploying Transact Monitoring

Deploying for Collaborate Monitoring

Where applicable, carry out the required configuration steps for each vendor product to be monitored.

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If a 'failover' deployment is required, where a primary server is continuously synchronized with a secondary server, the High Availability (HA) function can be set up.

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High Availability

Certain areas of the environment may need to be secured in order to protect sensitive data and to conform to internal and external regulations.

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