Using Wildcard Characters in a Where Clause

Where Clauses allow case-insensitive 'string' pattern matching operations with specific wildcard characters in conjunction with the 'Matches' and 'Matches Regex' operators. The specified wildcard characters are as follows:

*     Matches zero or more of any character

?    Matches one of any character

\*    Matches literal '*'

\?   Matches literal '?'

\\     Matches literal '\'

\x    Matches literal '\' and literal 'x' if x is not * or ? or \

Wildcard characters can only be used with string operands using the 'Matches' or 'Matches Regex' operators.



This will return job names starting with "ir" string and ending with ".exe".

Wildcard Button on the Windows Client

When using the Windows Client, the Where Clause tab of the Threshold or Data View Definition properties dialog will contain a Wildcard button. Using this button will open a dialog box containing the permitted Wildcard characters, as illustrated below:

Any of these options can be selected for insertion into the Where Clause statement.

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