Using Prompts in a Where Clause

Prompts can be incorporated into a Where Clause so that variable data can be entered by the user prior to the Where Clause running. When the document containing the Where Clause is started a prompt is displayed requesting the user to enter the required information, such as a user id or node address.

To incorporate a prompt into a Where Clause use the following procedure.

Open the Where Clause tab in the Data View Definition or Threshold Condition Properties dialog.

Add the static Where Clause parameters into the Where Clause box at the bottom of the screen and at the appropriate place select the Prompt button. This will display the Prompt Selection Window.

Highlight the required prompt from the list. If the prompt required is not defined, or an existing prompt needs to be changed, select the Prompt Table button.

To create a new prompt select the  icon.

or, to edit an existing prompt, highlight the item then select the  icon.

Complete the fields as required then select OK.

Select the Close button to return to the Prompt Selection Window

Highlight the required prompt then click on the Select Prompt button. The selected prompt will then be added to the Where Clause.

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