LIST Processing in a Where Clause

The "IN" & "NOT IN" functions can be used for List processing in a Where Clause

This operation checks if the first operand’s value exists in the second operand (comma separated list).

Example:     UXWHO.USERNAME IN { "usr1", "usr2", "usr3" }

Spaces around ',' are optional in a list. However, all 'Comma separated numeric' values, such as User Ids or HPE NonStop Process Ids, in a list need to be inside '( )' parentheses otherwise they are treated as simple numeric values.

Example:     USERID IN { (0,1),(2,3) }

List members can be any valid arithmetic expressions of the same type as the field, which are compared with or even another field’s value.

NTJOBS.STARTTIM IN { StartOfDay + 1 Hours , StartOfDay + 2 Hours , StartOfDay + 3 Hours }

A space after '{' is necessary.
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