Date and Time Functions for Where Clauses

In order to resolve date-time values at process/execution time as opposed to parse time (e.g. constant timestamp), the following date-time parameters are available.

  • CurrentTime:
    This parameter is resolved at the server current time while executing the Where Clause.

    EVENT.TIME > CurrentTime - 00:05:00
    This returns the events that occurred in the last 5 minutes.

  • StartOfYear, StartOfMonth, StartOfWeek, StartOfDay, StartOfHour:
    These parameters support the relative calendar date for calculations and comparisons.



    This will list all files that have been modified since the start of this week (Monday of the current week at 00:00am).  The date-time is resolved once the Where Clause is executed on the server, applying the server’s local time.  Note that this Where Clause is different from the following example.

    NTFILE.MODIFYTS > CurrentTime - 00000007-00:00:00

    This lists all files that have been modified in the last 7 days.

    LOGTIME > StartOfWeek + 5 DAYS

    Check for transactions that occurred on a weekend.

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