Configuration using IRCNFUTL

The IRCNFUTL program can be used to List, Merge, Stop or Update any of the Configurations without using the Windows Client. This executable is located in the Prognosis subvolume on HPE NonStop or in the <Prognosis_Home>\Server directory on Windows or UNIX systems.

IRCNFUTL can be used when Prognosis is either running or shutdown, depending on which function is used. This information is specified with each function described below.

Command Line Syntax

To run this program, start a Command Prompt and locate the <Prognosis_Home>\Server\Configuration folder or Prognosis subvolume, the syntax for the command is:

> ..\ircnfutl <function> [<configuration_name>] [<old_file_name>] [<input_file_name>]

General Return Codes:

The following values are returned by the program and may be used to diagnose issues when errors occur.

5Generic Prognosis error - see wvlog.txt for details
10An error was detected in the (possible lack of) given parameters
11The configuration name provided is not known to the system
12An error occurred accessing the back-end's configuration file
LIMITATION: Lines of the text of an input file can be no more than 512 characters.

LIST function

The 'List' function can be used to display the contents of a Configuration on screen or it can save the Configuration details to a specified file name. The List function is used to backup current Configurations during the software upgrade process.

The List function can be used irrespective of whether the Prognosis Server is running or not.

> ..\IRCNFUTL LIST_CONF <configuration_name>


<configuration_name> is the Configuration to be listed.

Example: To list details of the NETWORK Configuration:


The above command will display the configuration text on screen, to save the configuration to a text file, use the Operating System redirection command  '>' followed by a file name, for example:

The filename must not contain any spaces.

Return Values:

13 - The configuration name was not specified

14 - The configuration requested is not started

UPDATE function

The 'Update' function is used to read an input text file containing configuration settings and update the corresponding Configuration stored on disk. A text editor can be used to edit or create the input file or a text file generated by the List function can be used.

The Update function should only be used when the Prognosis service has been stopped, as changes will only be applied once the service is restarted and the Configuration is read from disk. The Update function is used to restore a Configuration during the software upgrade process.

> ..\IRCNFUTL UPDATE_CONF <input_file_name>

Example: To update the NETWORK Configuration:

> ..\IRCNFUTL UPDATE_CONF backup_NETWORK_config.txt

Return values:

15 - The input file was not specified or is unreadable

16 - An error occurred validating the configuration syntax

17 - An error occurred parsing the configuration data

18 - A generic error occurred updating the configuration

MERGE Function

The 'Merge' function is used to merge two existing text configuration files together.

> ..\IRCNFUTL MERGE_CONF <old-config-file-name> <new-config-file-name>


> ..\IRCNFUTL MERGE_CONF backup_NETWORK_config.txt new_NETWORK_config.txt

Return values:

19 - The old file was not specified or is unreadable

20 - The new file was not specified or is unreadable

21 - The old and new configurations are different subsystems

22 - Merge is not supported for the given configuration type

23 - A generic merge error occurred.

STOP Function

The 'Stop' function is used to stop a running Configuration.

> ..\IRCNFUTL STOP_CONF <configuration_name>

Example: To stop the PROGNOSIS Configuration

> ..\IRCNFUTL STOP_CONF prognosis

Return values:

25 - Unable to stop the specified configuration.

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