TelePresence/Video Configuration

Prognosis can be configured to monitor Cisco TelePresence/Video endpoints that are registered to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager. These endpoints will be automatically discovered and can be monitored after valid access credentials have been configured within the Prognosis PASSWORDS Configuration.

In order to view Cisco TelePresence/Video data, it will be necessary to complete the following configuration steps.

Enable SNMP on the IX5000/IX5200 endpoint

To monitor IX5000/5200 Telepresence endpoints, the endpoint must be configurated to send SNMP data to Prognosis. To configure SNMP for an IX5000/5200 Telepresence endpoint, please follow the instructions in Configuring Cisco Unified Communications Manager for the IX System.

Setup PASSWORD Configuration

Using the Updating the PASSWORDS Configuration procedure, using the Cisco UCM ctp:<cluster-name> and snmp:<cluster-name> Password Entries

Setup Database Collections

To view Telepresence/Video call history, it will be necessary to have the Telepresence Calls Database (<nnnn>d<ClusterName>-TC) running. For further details see the Databases for Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Setup NAT Configuration

For details about setting up a NAT environment, see the NAT Configuration for Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

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