H.323 and SCCP Gateway Configuration

For H.323 and SCCP Gateways that exist under a configured CUCM cluster and where they use different SNMP credentials to the configured CUCM cluster, the required SNMP user names and passwords can be added separately. This will allow H.323 and SCCP Gateway metrics to be viewable in the Displays.

Open the Web Application - Administration tool and then log on as an administrator level user.

In the server panel, expand the Monitoring Server that is to be configured and then click on an existing CUCM Cluster.

Scroll down to the 'Gateway Connectivity' section.

Click the Add button. This will open the 'Add SNMP Credentials for Cisco Gateway' page.

Complete the following information for the Gateway device:

Device Name:

(Mandatory) This is a user-defined name given to the Gateway device. This name is used to identify the device in the various data Displays.

Display names must be no more than 40 characters in length.

IP Address:

(Mandatory) Enter the IP address which the Monitoring Server can use to contact the Gateway device.

SNMP Connection Details

Select/Enter details of the SNMP connection that is to be used to connect to the Gateway device. This must be either SNMP version 2c or 3.

Use SNMP Version 2c

Select this radio button if SNMP v2c protocol is to be used.

Community String:

Where SNMP v2c has been selected, the Community String that will be used for SNMP access will need to be entered. For details see Setup SNMP Credentials for Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Use SNMP Version 3

Select this radio button if SNMP v3 protocol is to be used.

Authentication Protocol:

Select if SNMP v3 authentication is enabled. Select from: None, MD5 or SHA. If authentication is enabled the following fields will be shown.

Authentication User Name:

User name to be used for authentication.

Authentication Password:

The valid password for the associated User Name. The password needs to be 8 characters or more in length.

Encryption Method:

Select if SNMP v3 encryption (privacy) is enabled. Select from: None, DES, AES, AES192, AES256 or 3DES. If encryption is enabled the following field will be shown.

Encryption Password:

Enter the password to be used for encryption. The password needs to be 8 characters or more in length.

When complete, click the Add button.

If there are any further Gateway devices to be added, repeat the above procedure from Step 4.

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