Scheduled Availability Outages

The schedule defines the periods when the entity is to be monitored, any periods outside of the schedule are recorded as scheduled outages. Any outages recorded during the monitored period are treated as unscheduled outages. Exceptions can also be specified to exclude particular dates and days of the week or month.

Schedules for all monitored entities are created in a single SCHEDULE Configuration file which is then associated with the required entities through the AVAILABILITY Configuration. When a schedule is attached to an entity, it becomes known as a 'Scheduled Availability Entity'.

In conjunction with the monitoring schedule, performance target values can also be specified for each Scheduled Availability Entity through the AVAILABILITY Configuration allowing a report on whether particular entities are performing to target.

Based on the monitored periods specified in the SCHEDULE Configuration the MpAvailability (AVMON) record will update Scheduled Availability Entity related fields and generate outage records as required.

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