Advanced Configuration of the HA Pair

This page details advanced configurations and customization that can be applied to Prognosis High Availability. Most deployments should not need the following information, however advanced users of Prognosis will be able to customize HA even further using the following information.

After a High Availability (HA) pair has been added, custom options that will run on the HA pair can then be configured through the Administration page in the Web Application. These options include; Files, Folders, Processes, Thresholds, Analysts, Databases and Configurations.

Editing Synchronization Items

Click the Manage button.

For each option to be configured, Expand the section by clicking on the option name

Click the Manage button, each option is described in further detail in the following sections

Either EditDeleteView or Create new sets as required, shown below is the Create new dialog

For further information on the items that can be synchronized, refer to the Detailed Description of Synchronization Options.

Save all additions or changes, and select the set that is required to be synchronized with the associated HA Pair, when complete click on the Save changes button

Repeat Steps 2 - 5 for all options as required

Deleting a HA Pair

When a Prognosis HA Pair is no longer required, they can be deleted by clicking on the Delete link button in the Manage Pair page. This will remove the current Prognosis HA Pair making the servers ‘unlinked’. This means that changes done on the Active server will no longer be synchronized with the Passive server.

When unlinked, the Passive server will need to have the PROGNOSIS Configuration reset to the full set of processes in order to run as a normal Prognosis server.

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