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Manual Switchover Between Active and Passive Modes

At the present time, there is no automatic 'switchover on failure' facility with Prognosis High Availability, this will come in a future release.

When it is necessary to switch over the Active and Passive modes in the HA Pair, a manual operation is required. This can be done using the Web Application - Administration Tool on the Management Server (recommended) or by manually editing the HA Configuration using the Windows Client on both of the Prognosis servers in the HA Pair (this option is for advanced users only and not recommended).

Switchover is the process of making the currently Active server the Passive server and the currently Passive server the Active server. Switchover is an activity that would occur when the Active server has a failure or is unresponsive.  Other cases would include upgrading or performing maintenance on the servers. These scenarios and others are discussed in this section and how to use the switchover feature to safely resolve issues and ensure that Prognosis is available and data is not lost during the server downtime.

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