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Setting the Windows Client Home Page

The Function Bar in the Toolbar includes the icon which when selected will open a configured 'Home' page. By default, the Home page is the Welcome to PROGNOSIS Display or for Unified Communications monitoring, it is the Unified Communications and Collaboration Central Display (also referred to as the UCC - Welcome Display). However, this default can be changed by running a command or by manually updating the IRGUI.INI file.


The Home page can be changed through the Windows Client by running the 'Change GUI Home Page' command. This command document can be found in the Document Navigator in the 'Knowledge\Common\Command Store' folder path. Double clicking on the command document will open the following dialog where an alternative Display document (.dpy) can be entered as the Home page.


The Home page can also be manually entered through the irgui.ini file which is located in the <Prognosis_Home>\User Interface folder. Open this document and in the [Document Manager] section update the 'RestartDoc0= statement with the required Display document name.

[Document Manager]
RestartDoc0=Welcome to PROGNOSIS Cross Platform Systems ManagementIPT - Welcome.dpy
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