Alert Blueprints

Thresholds are used to raise alerts for issues encountered on monitored systems. In many cases, the alert messages that are generated contain only a description of the detected issue and do not contain any supporting contextual information. Alert Blueprints is a feature that is enabled by default so that certain alerts include a range of related data that can be useful in gaining a better understanding of the issue raised by a Threshold. For example, for an Avaya PBX problem, with Alert Blueprints the alert message can include information about the Avaya boards and trunk groups on which the PBX is dependent. The Alert Blueprints feature makes the alert more useful and can make it easier to diagnose the root cause of any problem.

Alert Blueprints are currently available for email (Dispatch Manager) and SNMP alert destinations for the following vendor products:

  • Prognosis for Infrastructure: MS Windows

  • Prognosis for Payments: BASE24, BASE24-eps and Connex

  • Prognosis for Unified Communications: Avaya, Cisco and Microsoft Lync

A range of pre-packaged Alert Blueprint models are provided for the products mentioned above. Each of these are set up to contain related data that covers a wide range of alert scenarios. However, these models can be modified if required through the Web Application - Administration tool.

Alert Blueprints are not generated for off-events or for Threshold conditions making use of the 'Not Exists' feature
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