Themes are not available for the Web Application, it can only be used through the Windows Client.

Themes provide a set of optional presentation properties, such as colors and fonts, that can be applied to Display documents for use in the Windows Client.

Themes make it easy to apply a consistent 'look and feel' to Displays by simply adding the same Theme to each Display document. However, if Themes are not used, individual colors and fonts can be applied to each Window in a Display through the Presentation - Colors/Fonts tabs of the Window Configuration dialog box.

Themes consist of two levels, Display Themes, which are the parent document, and Window Themes, which contain the actual style details. A Display Theme may consist of one or more Window Themes. A Display Theme can be applied to a Display document and then any attached Window Themes can be applied to each individual Window within the Display.

A selection of default Display Themes are provided. However, you can either edit these to meet your own requirements or build your own new Themes.

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