Data Field Processing During Database Summaries

Each field in a Record has a summary setting that determines how the field is treated when a database is summarized. The summary options for each field can be found in the DB_OPTIONS section in Defining a Field for a User Record.

The possible values include:


The field is an accumulation of the intervals summarized.


The field is an average of the intervals summarized.

For example, the 'Busy' field of the NtCpu (NTCPU) record is AVERAGED over the interval. So, if a database collection was collected at 1-minute intervals and then summarized at a 1-hour interval, the busy percent will be averaged over the hour thereby reducing the amount of data to 1/60 of the database collection.


The field will be averaged over the interval. This allows for transient data.

For example: if CPU utilization by a process is being captured over a 1-minute interval and a particular process executes for 10 seconds using 100% of a processor, how much was its CPU utilization over the minute? The average over interval is: (100% * 10/60 = 16.7%).


Saves the highest value over the summarized interval.


Saves the lowest value over the summarized interval.


Only the last occurrence is saved.


The field cannot be collected to a database.

While each field in a record has one default summary setting, all fields can be set to Maximum or Minimum in addition to the default setting. This is done through the Data View Definition properties dialog when creating a Database Summary.

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