Choosing Data Field Values in a Database Summary

When creating a Database Summary, you can use special parameters under each field in the Data View Definition properties dialog box to obtain the data required. Three options are provided:

  • Maximum saves the highest value over the summarized interval.

  • Minimum saves the lowest value over the summarized interval.

  • Standard enables the default summary option that is attached to the particular field. See Data Field Processing During Database Summaries.

If the above screen is used to summarize data from a Database Collection, for each summary interval the Standard (default) values for the FreePercent field will be stored in the summary database together with the Maximum values of the CacheMB and FreePages fields and the Minimum values for the PageFaultsPerSecond field.

Summarizing with just the maximum and/or minimum values reduces the volume of data while maintaining the most important statistics. If the original database was collected on a 15-minute interval and the summary database is summarized on a 1-hour interval, the maximum field would contain the highest value of the four 15-minute periods in the hour and the minimum field would contain the lowest value.

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