Database Summaries

A Database Summary is used to reduce the amount of data that has been collected by a Database Collection. This is normally done in order to minimize archive storage requirements and also to enable easier data review and analysis.

The Database Summary can do this by:

  • Reducing the number of data fields.

  • Narrowing the data criteria by using a Where Clause.

  • Summarizing the collected data.

A Database Summary is easily created by copying properties from an existing Database Collection. These properties can then be adjusted to summarize the data using any of the three options mentioned above. After the Database Summary has been created it is then run on the required node in order to collect the data. Once it has been run the data can be replayed and viewed using a Display or the 'QuickView' option.

Database Summaries are stored in documents with a .dbs extension and are indicated in the Document Navigator for the Windows Client with the icon.

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