Replaying a Database using Existing Displays

Both Database Collections and Database Summaries can be replayed using any Display that has basically the same properties, such as records and field definitions.

The easiest way to replay a Database is to go to the required node in the Nodes Navigator, select Databases, then right-click on the required Database document.  From the context menu select the Replay option.

This will open a sub menu with the following choices:

Using Current Display
If a Display is currently open in your Workspace this option will replay the database data in a window on this Display.

Using Display...
This option will open the Display selection dialog box. Here you can choose the Display in which you wish the database data to be replayed.

Quick View
This option will automatically create a Display using the latest (or running) configuration from the database. A tabular window will be created for each record collected by the database displaying all fields collected for that record. The replay period will be from the beginning of the database to the end of the database.

Alternatively, you can drag the Database document on to an open Display in the workspace. A dialog box will open requesting you to confirm the action.

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