End of Database Replay

Once a Database Replay has been run, the subsequent actions carried out by the user interface will depend upon a number of settings made in the Database Replay properties dialog box.

If the Run Mode on the Windows tab has been set to 'Replay' and on the Database tab the Period → Stop field has been set to 'End of Data' and the 'Use collection interval' option has been selected (or the Interval set to zero, which has the same meaning), then the following message will be shown at the end of the data replay. The replay will then continue at the time specified.

When replaying Databases in the Web Application, by design, when the replay hits the 'end of data' it will no longer continue to update with new data, refer to Dashboard Limitations

However, for all other settings, the following message will be shown and the data replay will not continue.


Also, the message below will be shown and no data will be displayed in the following circumstances.

  • If no data can be found for the configured replay,

  • If the replay interval selected is less than the collection interval specified in the actual Database,

  • If the replay interval is not a multiple of the collection interval specified in the actual Database. For example, if the collection interval was set at 10 seconds, then 10, 20, 60 seconds or 1 day are all valid replay intervals. However, a replay interval of 15 seconds would return this 'End of Replay Data for Specified Times' message.

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